In 1944, an American sailor named Bob Evans was wounded during the invasion of southern France. As he recuperated in a military hospital in a small French village, Bob was struck by a realization: despite its Christian roots, Europe desperately needed the hope that only a relationship with Jesus could bring. Decades later, a missionary named Jazz Jones moved to Europe to obey God’s call to minister to Europe. At a soccer game on an otherwise normal night in Paris, the stadium was shaken by explosions unleashed by terrorists. Jazz wrestled with fear and guilt. Was her obedience worth it? She could serve God anywhere, so why Europe? This book tells two stories separated by decades but connected by a common goal: seeing the people of Europe reached with the gospel, no matter the cost.


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"When I signed up to be a missionary in Paris, I never thought I’d be involved in anything like this. This stuff happens in Syria and Palestine, not Paris!"



imgLouie Giglio
imgRaphaël Anzenberger
imgJim Downing

"Compelling. Timely. Convicting. At the heart of the Passion Movement is the desire to see young people leverage their lives for what matters most – the Name and Fame of Jesus. I am so grateful for people like John Gilberts and Jazz Jones Becker who remind us that Jesus’ words are just as true today as they were when he first told His followers that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. I believe Worth the Risk will encourage a rising generation to join in the harvest work in Europe and beyond." - Louie Giglio, Pastor of Passion City Church, founder of Passion Conferences, author of The Comeback

"We are blessed to see how the Evangelical church has grown and matured since the early days when Robert Evans first started Greater Europe Mission back in the early 1950’s. There is still great spiritual need here in France today. Our goal is to triple the number of evangelical churches in France, so we welcome the assistance of GEM missionaries like Jazz Jones, and Jenn and David Williamson and others to help us advance the Gospel here." - Raphaël Anzenberger, CEO of France Evangélisation, Author and Speaker

"As a World War II Navy veteran, a Navigator, and personal friend of Bob Evans, I’m pleased to see Bob's story being told to inspire a new generation of disciplemakers. Bob and other heroic men and women of his era have made a lasting mark on modern Christianity. Their heart to reach people for Christ, fueled by passion for God and a willingness to make great sacrifices, has grown into world-wide movements of the Gospel that still transform lives today. I pray this book will ignite a similar passion and determination in young people today to carry on the great legacy of Bob Evans and begin new movements of the Gospel in Europe and around the world." - Jim Downing, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Author and Speaker

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