Please join us in praying for Europe on 10 February. God says in Psalm 2:8 – “Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.” Join us in asking God for the nations of Europe to belong to Him. Intercede with us for a European country using the interactive map below. You are also welcome to join others praying on the Zoom line during the day.


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Welcome to GEM Adventure, your ticket to life with God on Mission in Europe.

There are hundreds of opportunities to serve around Europe, whether it be on a mission trip or discovery tour, our unique internship/gap year program, a 2-3 year deployment, or the opportunity to become a career missionary. Explore opportunities to do everything from social justice and coffee-shop church to leading urban evangelism outreach projects and more. Join us as we share hope with the continent we love in order to see that hope transform the world.


Administration and Logistics

Do have a passion for systems or structure (or maybe both)? The very nature of missionary work is that it needs people who are gifted not only in discipleship and evangelism, but in keeping things running smoothly either behind the scenes or on the front lines. Join the Adventure and help bring order to chaos!

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Business as Mission

Imagine a world where bankers, doctors, store owners, mechanics, architects, and other professionals were considered as much a missionary as a church planter or evangelist! Those who are called to full time vocations have a unique ability use their talents and experience within the marketplace to reach unique groups of people; each individual business or industry is a mission field!

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Children and Family

Family is one of the critical building blocks of society. Jesus even said he has a special place in his heart for children! Whether you are a trained counselor, social worker, or a stay-at-home parent, we need your help. Skilled and unskilled workers who have a passion for impacting the families and children of Europe (locals, ex-patriots, and immigrants alike) there is Adventure with Jesus to be had!

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Church Planting

The heartbeat of GEM is to see churches planted, which at core are outward-looking, outward-serving groups of disciplemakers. Church planters are committed to changing their communities by engaging the lost. Consider the impact of serving in post-modern, post-Christian Europe where the need for the Gospel is greater than ever! Join the Adventure!

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Community Development

Not only is the idea of community one of the greatest tools to show the tangible nature of the Gospel and God's love, it is built into how God interacts with each one of us. Both seasoned and untested (but passionate!) community developers, we need you! Europe is a unique place for Adventures in working with addicts, homeless persons, pro-life and adoption groups, after-school programs, and many others!

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Construction and Refurbishment

Do you have a favorite hammer-drill? Do you dream about a new double bevel compound miter saw or are you simply handy with a paintbrush? If so, God may be calling you to Adventure in Europe! One skilled carpenter with a team of workers can make a huge impact at a church, camp, or conference center. You’ll work with local believers who will allow you to not only use your skills for the Kingdom, but also to help you to engage in spreading the Good News and impacting the nations.

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Discipleship and Evangelism

There is no clearer command in the Bible than Jesus' call to "go and make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples. This is the bread and butter of missions. We thoroughly train all of our missionaries, interns, and short term teams on how to share the Good News, help disciple believers, and walk alongside them as they become the next generation of disciplemakers. Come to Europe, go on an Adventure with God, and give your life away to see the Great Commission fulfilled!

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Education and TEFL-TESL

God is using education to open doors for gospel presentation around the globe. Consider the fact that in the Republic of Georgia alone, more than 1000 paid positions are available for English teachers. Trained and untrained educators can work in Europe doing anything from teaching the English language to university level professorship. No matter your specific calling, we'll help develop your skills at all levels, both in education and in sharing your faith/discipling others. Join the Adventure!

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Ministry to All Peoples

In Paris, there are more than 200 individual cultures represented within the city's boundaries. Daily, immigrants pour into the cities of Europe from North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East by the hundreds. This is what we describe as Every Nation, One Location. If you have a heart to reach Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, or Tibetan monks for Jesus, you can follow that calling in Europe like in no other place in the world!

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Music Art and Drama

For centuries, art in its various forms existed primarily within the Church, much of it in Europe. When we participate in the arts, we demonstrate one of the core marks of God’s image on our lives—the ability to create. Is God calling you to use your gifts and talents to change the cultural conversation stirred by the arts in Europe? Painters, musicians, actors, dancers, illusionists, and mimes are all welcome.

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Muslim Ministry

We believe the followers of Islam are one of the most feared and misunderstood segments of society in our world today. Many Muslims have lived in Europe for generations, and more arrive every day. Seek a new life, many escape from oppressive situations in their homeland. Join us in Adventure, reaching out to this special people group! We’ll train you in effective methods to share your story and build a bridge from Islam into a relationship with the living God.

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Prayer Teams

Live an Adventure on the streets of Europe, getting God’s heart and eyes to see the community as He does and to understand what God wants to do there through prayer. In an area with so few believers to pray blessing over communities, businesses, and people, this is a powerful thing. More often than not, it opens doors to interact with people and share your faith. Imagine someone’s surprise when you declare that you came all the way to Europe to pray for his or her city!

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Social Justice and Anti-Trafficking

God’s heart has always been with “the least of these.” From helping prostitutes escape bondage in brothels to being the hands of Jesus to refugees in Southern Europe, there are a myriad opportunities to impact lives in Europe. In the midst of helping remedy their situations you’ll proclaim the Good News that Jesus’ love is why you are sacrificing to help them. This is the heart of Adventure!

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Sports Ministry

Sports have always connected with the spirit and passion of people, challenging them to go beyond what they believe are their limits and achieve more. These are in truth Kingdom passions, and when aroused and directed they can be used to change the course of a life or even a nation. From kids’ soccer camps to sharing you faith at a major international sporting event, this is an Adventure of a lifetime!

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Technology and Media

Maybe you are an IT professional, or maybe you just want to teach kids how to use a computer. Maybe you see beauty through photography and want to direct that passion toward Kingdom building. Whatever your background, graphic designer, reporter, or IT expert, there's amazing opportunity to impact the lives of Europe for Jesus, both on the ground and behind the scenes.

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Youth and Campus Ministry

Imagine meeting a modern group of people who don’t know anything about the Bible, the Church, or Christianity, and don’t know the difference between King David and Darth Vader. The young people of Europe live and operate in a unique culture, with a unique open-ness to the Gospel because they have literally never heard it. Interact with this dynamic group in their space: pubs, coffee shops, universities, and night-club ministries in the iconic cities of Europe.

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