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Serving in Cologne, Germany through pottery, music and dance
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Our Story

Our home bases are in southern California and the Carolinas, where we met each other and discovered our love for pottery, music and dance. We arrived in Cologne in 2007 and began our family of five shortly thereafter. God called us not exactly to Germany, per se, but to a ministry of reconciliation and restoration. One that began with us. Our story includes a lot of laughter and joy, but also the pain and horrors of sexual abuse, rape, PTSD, depression, and darkness. Yet throughout our marriage, we have seen God transform those broken pieces and redeem them through ways we never imagined. The hope of Jesus and an authentic picture of Grace is needed in Cologne.

Where We Work

Cologne is home to Europe's largest brothel and is a center for the arts in Germany. The region has also received the most refugees from massive migrations to Germany beginning in late 2015. Our main ministries are comprised of operating and teaching classes out of our pottery studio, helping lead and pastor in a local church, regularly leading worship through music, retreats & camps, being involved in professional dance and music projects, and partnering with anti-sex trafficking and prostitution ministries. We believe in a God who restores and how expression through clay and dance can also be powerful tools in rediscovering one's voice and finding hope again.

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