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Serving God through intercession and discipleship in France
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Our Story

For years, we joyfully partnered through prayer and finances with many individuals fulfilling the Great Commission worldwide. In 2011, Jesus called us to fan the flames of discipleship and intercession across France. Through our backgrounds in business, church leadership, worship ministry and discipleship, and especially our passion for God's Word and prayer, God has laid a foundation for us to serve long-term in France.

Where We Work

In France since Oct 2015, we serve as intercessors for GEM France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our home base is a thriving international university church and campus ministry in Grenoble. We’re privileged to train, counsel, mentor, and especially pray with students and young professionals from all over the world. We serve a new generation of European, African and South American believers, many who’ve never known a Christian our age. We’re thrilled to pour our lives into those who’ll continue to carry the baton of faith to future generations.

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