Camp Timok Construction Team

Camp Timok is a Christian camp with the stated purpose of developing a year-round camp for youth and families in the Balkans to hear the Gospel.

Organized work teams are needed for carpentry, masonry, cement work, plumbing, tiling, plastering, structural work, finish work, operating heavy equipment, and general labor. Whether you have helping hands or professional skills, you are welcome on this 14-day project!

*Final cost is dependent on the number of team members, specific project scope, and project duration.

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How long: Mission Trips 1-4 weeks

Where: Balkan Area

Cost: $1000-$1400 US/Person + Air fare*

Link: *none
Education required: *None
Field of study: *None

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: English
Preferred proficiency: B2 - Vantage or upper intermediate

Ministry type:

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