Intercessory Prayer Team


The urban and rural communities within the Czech Republic give testimony to a religious presence in former centuries, but often lack a vital personal faith in Christ. As the self-proclaimed most atheist country in the world, the Czech Republic needs Jesus.

Your team will undertake a prayer journey in local Czech communities, encountering the culture and working with experienced missionaries who understand the context. Each person on your team will experience firsthand the spiritual needs of the Czech Republic. Prayer teams often have the opportunity to interact with local ministries, meet city leaders, hear from local Christians who express their desire to make Christ known to their people, and to be an encouragement to all.

*Opportunity intended for church, missions, and college pastors and other lay-leaders.



How long: Mission Trips 1-4 weeks

Where: Czech Republic

Cost: $3,000 (USD) per team member, airfare included!

Link: *none
Education required: *None
Field of study: *none

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: Czech, English
Preferred proficiency: None required but any is helpful!

Ministry type:

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