Church Planting in Northern France

A few words from the Northern France Area Leader: 

The department (county) of the Oise is brimming with opportunities to reach a diverse population which includes the traditional French, North Africans, French Muslims, immigrants and even a horse racing community. Most of these people have never heard the gospel. This region’s blend of cultures and its location (an hour north of Paris) make it an influential and strategic location for church planting and discipleship. God is truly moving in France right now; will you join us in his work here?


So the urban scene isn’t for you but you want to be a part of multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s church in France? The Oise region of France offers opportunities for called individuals to reach any of a number of cultures. From:

  • the Traditional French (those whose family tree goes back to the roots of French culture)
  • to the Transplanted French (those whose families come from the French diaspora: Africa, the Pacific, and Caribbean islands)
  • to the “New Europeans” those who, because of war or other difficulties, have chosen to make their new home in France.


As opposed to the urban setting, where relationships are sometimes hard to come by, the towns of northern France are highly relational, giving multiple opportunities to show the love of Christ in creative ways. Local life and ministry look something like this: participating in mom/kid playtimes, conversations over coffee, offering English classes as a volunteer, joining a local sports club (as player or parent), being part of a community choir. In short, joining in life as a representative of the Kingdom. The opportunities to infuse community life with Gospel truth are unending!



How long: Mid and Long Term 3+ years

Where: Oise Region

Cost: *None

Link: *none
Education required: HighSchool/GED
Field of study: Any

Education preferred: Bachelors
Field of study: Biblical Studies or related field

Language used on the field: French
Preferred proficiency: C1 - Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

Ministry type:

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