Paris Outreach and Discipleship

The GEM Paris Team has many opportunities for serving the Lord. The ministry is growing rapidly here, the Lord is often moving more quickly than we can keep up and as Jesus said to his disciples, "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." (Matt. 9:37)

We are praying daily for more co-workers to help with the harvest here, for we are finding that, in this incomparable international city/region of 12 million people, the harvest truly is plentiful. We are praying for co-workers to come as interns, short-term workers (3 years or less), or long-term workers (more than 3 years), to help us with:

- Our evangelism and discipleship-multiplication ministries (ample training, modeling, and mentoring is provided; vibrant ministries are already happening, we just need committed followers of Jesus to come and help us take it to the next level).
- Sports ministries (plugging-in with local clubs to serve, build relationships, share the gospel, and help make disciples who multiply; groundwork has already been laid with several clubs).
- TEFL ministries (make contacts, teach English, share the Gospel, make disciples who multiply; many French, immigrants, and Muslims are actively seeking us out for English- this is a wide-open opportunity right now).
- Immigrant and Muslim ministry (making contacts in the vast immigrant and Muslim communities here, building relationships, sharing the Gospel in a contextually-relevant way, making disciples, touching whole relational networks of immigrants).
- Ministry to immigrant prostitutes (including possible micro-business, helping train them to teach English as an occupation to help them out of their current situation).


How long: Mid and Long Term 1-3 years,3+ years

Where: Paris, France

Cost: *None

Link: *none
Education required: Bachelors
Field of study: Any

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: French
Preferred proficiency: B2 - Vantage or upper intermediate

Ministry type:

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