Greece, Refuge Missions Trip Leader

Thousands of refugees are coming to Greece as their first stop on the way to what they hope will be a better life in Northern Europe. They arrive with almost nothing, having survived the dangerous crossing from Turkey, and have to face many difficulties as they arrive in Europe and prepare to move on.

For some time now GEM has been involved with efforts to help these people, from their first steps onto the shore from a flimsy overcrowded raft, during the long walk to buses that will take them to camps, and as they wait to be registered before they can take a ship to the mainland.

This help is in the form of food and water, blankets and sleeping bags, as well as guidance and a friendly face to help them in this journey.

Your help is needed to make this happen. GEM needs people to lead teams of people who come to the Greek island of Lesvos, and possibly other islands as the Lord leads, to help in this ministry. The teams come for a 2 week project and immediately get involved in assisting the refugees where needed. You will need to help plan the trip details including accommodation, food, transportation, and ministry assignments to meet the needs.

Would you consider being one to enable this ministry to happen? These are people who are coming to us from places we could not easily go, or could never go, with the Gospel. Many of them speak English and many are open to hearing about the love of Christ. If you feel the Spirit's call to help in this situation, inquire today about leading a team to Greece.

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How long: Mission Trips 1-4 weeks

Where: Lesbos, Greece

Cost: Variable - 'Inquire Now' or contact us for details

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Preferred proficiency: None required but any is helpful!

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