Teaching English in Georgia

This is a unique and ongoing opening for up to 1,000 teachers!

You'll live with a local family while partnering and teaching English with a national teacher in the public schools or in a local village or city. This opportunity provides a wonderful platform outside of the classroom for developing relationships and starting disciple-making movements.

Do you know lots about English, but less about being a disciple-maker? No problem we will train and mentor you! All that is needed is a high school diploma and a willingness to use your native language to impact people.


How long: Mid and Long Term 1-3 years

Where: Georgia

Cost: *None

Link: *none
Education required: HighSchool/GED
Field of study: Proficiency in English language

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: English, Georgian (not the the Atlanta kind)
Preferred proficiency: C1 - Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

Ministry type:

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