Admin in Youth Cafe


You will be working in a Youth Cafe helping with the administration of the cafe and the business tied to it for funding. You will be using various evangelism tools as you interact with the youth during hang-out times at the cafe as well as attend and help lead bible studies with some of the youth from the cafe.

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Short-Term Service is a program that allows individuals or couples to serve alongside our long-term missionaries in Europe and experience what life is like involved in ministry and discipleship on the mission field for 1 to 11 months at a time.




How long: Short Term Service Summer: 2 months,Gap Year: 11 months

Where: Cologne


Link: *none
Education required: HighSchool/GED
Field of study: *none

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: German, Kurdish, Turkish
Preferred proficiency: A2 - Waystage or elementary

Ministry type:

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