Discipleship Multiplication

Use your gifts and passions to be a part of the disciple-making effort in the city. This includes coffee tables, street evangelism, prayer walking, English tables, or any other ideas that fall into outreach. You will also help in hosting short-term teams. Interns must comply with IMB standards. 

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Short-Term Service is a program that allows individuals or couples to serve alongside our long-term missionaries in Europe and experience what life is like involved in ministry and discipleship on the mission field for 1 to 11 months at a time.



How long: Short Term Service Summer: 2 months,Semester: 3-4 months,Gap Year: 11 months

Where: Hamburg


Link: *none
Education required: HighSchool/GED
Field of study: *none

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: German
Preferred proficiency: None required but any is helpful!

Ministry type:

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