Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants work in teams to develop positive, loving care for the students of Black Forest Academy (an international boarding school) in their dorm, like what would be found in a Christ-centered home. RAs are directly involved in daily life with the students and serve as a role-model and parenting figure, providing appropriate moral, social, spiritual, and physical training. Candidates will be nurturing individuals with excellent interpersonal skills, strong tolerance for stress, the ability to be flexible, and a high energy level.

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How long: Mid and Long Term 1-3 years,3+ years

Where: Kandern

Cost: *none

Link: *none
Education required: Bachelors
Field of study: Degrees in Pyschology, Social work or Education preferred; some Bible school training

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: English, German
Preferred proficiency: None required but any is helpful!

Ministry type:

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