Disciplemaker and Church Developer

"Icelanders live in one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries in the world. They are independent, resilient folk, proud of their language and heritage. The majority have been baptized and confirmed, but relatively few have the joy of knowing the living Lord Jesus. We have the joy of working with believers from across the denominations to catalyze a disciple making movement and encourage the organic growth of Christ's church!" - Betsy & Greg Aikins, serving among the Icelandic people since 1985

Come and join a team of those committed to learning the Icelandic language, understanding the culture of this island nation of 330,000 and catalyzing a disciple-making movement in the country.

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How long: Mid and Long Term 3+ years

Where: Reykjavik, Iceland

Cost: *None

Link: *none
Education required: Bachelors
Field of study: Any

Education preferred: *None
Field of study: *none

Language used on the field: Icelandic
Preferred proficiency: C1 - Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

Ministry type:

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