Community Development Trainer

Are you looking for opportunities to combine your professional skills with ministry opportunities? Engage with this Muslim nation through community development.

Our training team is looking for people with backgrounds in agriculture, small business, or public health. Help local leaders assess their community's assets and needs and design a training program or project that fits. The work is holistic, seeking to meet the whole need of individuals and communities through complete obedience to everything that Jesus commanded. Kosovo is a challenging place to live.

Successful candidates should be self-starters, flexible and highly relational. Expect to spend a significant period of time prayer-walking in towns and villages before connecting with their leaders. An understanding of the challenges of giving and dependency are essential.

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How long: Mid and Long Term 1-3 years,3+ years

Where: Vushtrri, Kosovo

Cost: *None

Link: *none
Education required: SomeCollege
Field of study: Experience in agriculture, business, or public health

Education preferred: Bachelors
Field of study: Professional experience in agriculture, business, or public health

Language used on the field: Albanian
Preferred proficiency: B1 - Threshold or intermediate

Ministry type:

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