Team Leader Evangelist/Discipler

We're asking God for a person who is a self starter, experienced in independent living; who can serve with, but is not dependent on a team.

This is a person who is gripped by the Gospel and the good news of the Kingdom of God; and is passionate about multiplying disciples who will form local communities of disciples. This is a person who is already living daily "on mission" as a follower of Jesus (in prayer, knowing and applying God's word, both modeling the life of the Kingdom as they love and serve others AND intentionally share the good news about Jesus and invite others to follow. We're asking God for someone who isn't shy about constantly interacting with new people as they seek out those God is drawing to Himself. This is also someone who can also influence existing Christians to be disciples who make disciples. (Familiar and experienced in disciple multiplication practices).

If any of this describes you, we want you on our team in Dublin! Simply click or tap 'Inquire Now' to learn more!


How long: Mid and Long Term 1-3 years

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Cost: *None

Link: *none
Education required: Other
Field of study: Experience in leadership, evangelism & discipleship

Education preferred: Bachelors
Field of study: Secondary specialist in equipping, training, teaching

Language used on the field: English
Preferred proficiency: B2 - Vantage or upper intermediate

Ministry type:

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