Camp L'Arcada Full-Time Staff

L’Arcada is a Christian camp and retreat center, founded in 1991, in the mountainous region of Pyrenees and located 1½ hours northwest of Barcelona, Spain. They offer a variety of programming during the summer for different age groups (ages 7-18); such as English, Basketball, Native American, Adventure Camps, as well as Family camps and discipleship and leadership training programs. Throughout the rest of the year there are various events, discipleship and leadership training retreats, and some evangelistic programming.

The focus of L’Arcada is three-fold with the ultimate goal of building the church in Spain: 

Evangelism:  60% of all participants have never heard the gospel, been to an evangelical church or even met a believer. The truths of the Word which the campers do not understand are creatively presented through what they do understand; following the way that Christ taught spiritual truths through His parables.

Discipleship: There are several levels of discipleship training, from 14/15 year olds up to 20+ years.  This is a critical part of the L’Arcada ministry and provides mature and qualified staff for the summer camps and year-round activities as well as for the local church as these individuals make stronger commitments to follow the Lord and to serve the body of Christ with their gifts and talents.

Leadership Training: Providing specific staff with opportunities, experience and training in leadership in order to prepare them for key positions of responsibilities in their local churches, as well as at L’Arcada and other ministries... participating with the Lord in building His church in Spain.
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The camp needs full-time staff members willing to come to Spain, learn the language (or if you are a Spanish speaker use this amazing gift!), and help with needs like:

Site and Grounds Maintainence
Program and Event Development
Music and more...

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How long: Mid and Long Term 1-3 years,3+ years

Where: Banyoles, Spain

Cost: *None

Education required: Other
Field of study: Relevant experience relative to position

Education preferred: Bachelors
Field of study: Relevant experience, study, or training relative to position

Language used on the field: Spanish, Catalonian
Preferred proficiency: B2 - Vantage or upper intermediate

Ministry type:

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